The so-called WHOIS details of any registered domain include information regarding the registrar organization, the registration and expiration dates, plus the names, telephone number, postal address and e-mail address of the owner, the administrator and the tech/billing person. WHOIS is a specific protocol that allows you to obtain all this info either through a command line or by using one of the numerous Internet websites that provide WHOIS lookup services. All information should be up-to-date in line with the rules of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. If some of the information is not legitimate, the internet domain could be reported and the result could be its removal or losing its ownership. Several country-specific domain name extensions have specific limitations regarding the modification of their WHOIS info, but in the general case any detail can be edited openly and at any moment. Such a modification will appear on lookup Internet sites within twenty four hours.

Full WHOIS Management in Shared Hosting

If you have a shared hosting plan from our company and you register or transfer a domain, you will have 100 % control of its WHOIS information. Using the Domain Manager tool inside our custom Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you will be able to see and edit every single detail associated with your domain names and even update the info of a number of domain names at a time with only a couple of clicks. Our tool is incredibly convenient and you will save time and efforts as you manage the WHOIS details of your domain names. Any modifications you make are going to take effect almost instantly. Of course, that's valid for the details that can be edited since some country-code TLDs have a number of restrictions in this matter, such as not being able to modify the owner names once an Internet domain is already registered. We will be able to aid you 24/7 if this kind of situation appears for any of your domain names.

Full WHOIS Management in Semi-dedicated Servers

When you have a semi-dedicated server plan with us, you will be able to see and update the WHOIS details of any domain address registered here via the same Hepsia CP used to manage the hosting space, so you will not need to log in and out of different systems. By simply clicking on a given domain, you will see its current details and all it will take to edit each of them will be to type the new info and save the changes. You may also choose a few domain names and edit their WHOIS details simultaneously, so even when you update ten or fifteen domain names, it won't take you more time than to update 1. Due to the fact that some country-code extensions support updates, though not automatic ones from the Control Panel, you can contact us and we will aid you with the process up until the required change takes effect.